Roger Rabbit: Toon Time Again on Plastic Soul

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is getting a long overdue new action figure range, with nods to Roger’s LJN past.

Well, Super7 Reaction, you have done it again – you got me hooked. Look at these. I could not believe my eyes when I came across these. I had no idea they were happening, and here they are. Who Framed Roger Rabbit Reaction four- inch figures, slightly stylized. Let me tell you why, because those guys know what they’re doing. Few people know this (well, I suppose if you are in the know with toys you kind of know this), but LJN had the license for Who Framed Roger Rabbit back in 1988.

Embracing Toon Magic: The Day I Discovered Roger Rabbit

I knew what Roger Rabbit was because of an article in Premiere Magazine. Anybody remember Premiere magazine? I was reading it every month, finding out what was coming out and who was doing what, and I saw a picture of Bob Hoskins and Roger Rabbit in handcuffs together. And I knew Bob Hoskins from The Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa and Brazil and other films. I had seen him and I was already a fan. I read the synopsis and went “What the heck is this? Like a cartoon live-action mashup?” It was just around the time that I started thinking about collecting or buying a toy. I had not bought a toy in five or six years, and I was thinking about it. Then I went to the movies the night that it came out and there behind the popcorn and the candy was a little suction-cup figure of Roger Rabbit stuck to the glass, the kind of little figure you put in the back window of your car. But I had never seen one of those. I didn’t know what that was and I went “Whoa, can I have that? Can I buy that?” And they did not have it. Then I went looking, and before you knew it, you could find PVCs and little suction-cup figures all over the place.

I believe Playskool made a talking Roger Rabbit, a pull-string back when they did pull-string talking dolls, and it was Charles Fleischer’s voice. So, I got it, and it became one of the first toys that I bought in a long time. Then one day, I was out and about and saw some action figures from Roger Rabbit. LJN got the license, LJN who did the Dune Toys, who did the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom figures, mainly known for those Rough Rider-type vehicles and toys. They got the license for Roger Rabbit. They made Judge Doom, Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, one of the weasels, and that was it. They also made some bendy figures – Jessica Rabbit and Baby Herman – but the little minifigures were always lacking because they never had a Jessica Rabbit.

When Animation Met Reality

Later, I discovered they made a Benny the Cab little figure that you had to sort of hunt for or find in classified ads like the toy shop or something. Suddenly, they were everywhere. It is a wonderful little toy, a wonderful design. As he rolls along, his little eyes pop out and you can put Roger Rabbit in him. I hope they get to make all the characters in Roger Rabbit. That was a movie that I saw multiple times in the theater, and I have bought every version that exists – I love it! It is still an incredible film. When you think about the making of that film, it is one of the most extraordinary achievements, and especially for Bob Zemeckis, it’s an incredible achievement. Still to this day – you could do it easily today – what those actors went through and what Bob Hoskins went through to act with nothing or props for nine months or whatever, it’s no wonder he had a bit of a nervous breakdown after it.

I told the story once on a talk show. I recall that he took his kid to the premiere of Roger Rabbit – the kid was like four or five or something, – and he would not talk to Bob Hoskins afterward and Bob could not figure out why. And finally he said, “What’s the matter? You upset? What is the problem?” And the kid said, “Yeah I am upset.” And he asked him why, and Hoskins said the kid was upset because he made a movie with Daffy Duck, Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse, but never brought them home to meet him! Ridiculously cute, but very true. I would have thought the same thing.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Anyway, these are a ton-of-fun Reaction Super7 figures. Who Framed Roger Rabbit Action Figures – boy, do we need these! I hope we get a huge line in every character, including Benny the Cab. Well, there you go. I hope you like Roger Rabbit as well. Please let me know what you think, and hit like and subscribe. Do you like Roger Rabbit? Did you have LJN Toys? Do you like LJN Toys? Do you want a bunch more of these? What do you think’s missing? This is the kind of movie that is missing for an action figure line. What would you like to see happen? Let us know! And please sign up for the Entertainment Earth email newsletter to stay up to date on all your pop culture needs. They will not let you down.

Heading to Toontown, people!



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