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Rocket Raccoon Brings Groot to 3 3/4 Inch Scale Action Figure Form

Rocket Raccoon

Expand your Guardians of the Galaxy collection with the Marvel Infinite Series Rocket Raccoon 3 3/4-Inch Scale Action Figure!

Ready to fight for what’s right – or what’s wrong – this Rocket Raccoon stands with gun in hand. He could take on the whole universe without blinking an eye (and he won’t because he’s an action figure)!

The Rocket Raccoon Action Figure comes with a gun accessory and a mini Groot in a pot. These heroes are integral members of the galaxy-saving team and they’re ready to become integral members to your collection! In 3 3/4 inch scale, this adorable cybernetically enhanced raccoon stands 2 inches tall.

Collect Earth’s mightiest – and tiniest – heroes as part of the Marvel Infinite action figure series. Star Lord and Drax are also available as Marvel Infinite Series action figures.

The Marvel Infinite Rocket Raccoon Action Figure is currently in stock and available at Entertainment Earth!

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