Robert Downey, Jr. Proves He’s a Real Life Superhero in Video

robert downey, jr.

Iron Man is a great hero. He’s slick, cool, and has a way with robots. Do you know what’s even cooler? When he actually exists in real life. That would be Robert Downey, Jr.

As if we needed any more reason to love the actor who truly embodies his Marvel character, RDJ posted a special video to his Facebook account today, which you can watch below.

He recently met Alex, a 7 year-old boy who was born with a partially developed right arm. In the video, the two meet and it makes for a touching, funny, and heartwarming experience. Downey, Jr. is charming and lovely to Alex as he presents the boy with his very own 3D-printed bionic Iron Man arm. Seriously, it’s hard to understand where Downey, Jr. ends and Tony Stark begins.

Downey, Jr. brought along his own Iron Man arm and the two wore them proudly as they interacted together.

Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project and Limbitless Solutions were the companies behind the arm.

Stories like this are always special, but they’re even more special when you see a child smile like that and you know there are real life superheroes in the world.

Robert Downey, Jr. and Alex



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