How Many Ricks Does It Take to Get to the Center of the Multiverse?

What up, my Glip Glops?! Rick and Morty is back! That looks like bad grammar, right? Rick and Morty is back! That’s better. After two years, the fourth season of the hit show has finally premiered on Adult Swim.

Excited? Do yourself a favor and get your hands on these Multi-Dimension Ricks! These are nesting dolls… also known as a doll within a doll. And that makes me think of my childhood which may or may not have been a very long time ago. I digress.

You get five versions of Rick – Shrimp Rick, Wasp Rick, Teddy Rick, Hologram Rick, and a small Rick. Are we dreaming? Is this an alternate timeline of AWESOME?

Nope! It’s real! You can get your Rick Nesting Dolls now!

  • Wubba lubba dub dub! Rick is back!
  • Classic wooden nesting dolls – a doll inside a doll.
  • Featuring detailed, brightly colored, 360-degree artwork.
  • Each doll represents a different version of Rick from Rick and Morty on Adult Swim.

Time to get schwifty with the Rick and Morty Multi-Dimension Ricks Nesting Dolls Set of 5 from Bif Bang Pow!. In this premium doll-within-a-doll set, Shrimp Rick, Wasp Rick, Teddy Rick, Hologram Rick, and a small Rick are crafted from high-quality wood and range in size from 6- down to 2-inches tall. Every angle features colorful artwork combining hand-painted details and decal elements to celebrate Rick and his infinite transformations. Grab your Morty and these Rick and Morty nesting dolls today before they disappear into another dimension.



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