Review: LEGO Batman Fans will Love This Essential Guide

One of the more brilliant partnerships in recent popular culture history is that of LEGO with, well, everything. By exploring the fictional world that you love through the most beloved toy of your childhood, entire new realms come into being. Whether it’s playing a LEGO Star Wars video game, or nerding out over the cameos in the LEGO Movie, the toy that has become a popular culture multiverse can take you to places that are at once familiar and incredibly new.

The LEGO Batman Movie is the latest bout in brilliance from the franchise and it has made a splash in theaters and with critics. If you’re one of the millions who have enjoyed the film, you’ll be glad to know that there is a new way to take the film home. The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide from DK Books is a companion for any fan to thrill over.

In-Depth Information

DK Books publishes books with huge stores of information. What’s better is the accessible way that the information is presented, creating guides and visual encyclopedias that give us the world at our fingertips. Flipping through a DK Essentials Guide will show you that their books communicate through visuals and design mediums in a way unmatched in the industry.

Exploring the World of LEGO Batman

This guide shows us the exciting full range of LEGO Batman sets, figures, and toys that have hit the market since the film’s release. Everything, from heroes and villains, to vehicles and locations are explored with the kind of thoroughness that only DK Books can provide. With exciting information and factual text accompanying each image, the LEGO Batman world is expanded and explained in ways that you won’t believe.

Thick with references to the movie, but with gags and visuals that go way beyond it, The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide is a book that every fan will want to have on their shelves. While any fan of the DK Essentials line of books will be familiar with the quality and detail, there is plenty inside this book to surprise you. Pick up your copy of the most essential guide to your favorite pop culture mash-up today at Entertainment Earth!





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