Reeve Carney Video Interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Reeve Carney SDCC

How good is Penny Dreadful this season? Dude. So. Good. How good are the Penny Dreadful action figures made by Bif Bang Pow!? Dude! So! Good! How cool is Reeve Carney? Dude. Honestly. So cool.

Reeve Carney stopped by the Entertainment Earth booth this Comic-Con and talked with me about what it’s like to be an action figure, collecting action figures, and working on the show. Below you’ll find this interview.Thanks for watching!

Reeve is the coolest dude. And we thank him sincerely for taking the time to come to the booth and meet the fans.

Reeve Carney Entertainment Earth SDCC 2015 Interview



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