Travel Back to the 1940s with DC Bombshells Art Prints


DC heroines and villains are some of the most legendary characters in comics history. Now picture them re-imagined as 1940s pin-ups girls, and you’ve got the DC Bombshells line, a popular series comprising of statues, mugs, wallets, and more. The artwork and designs of these ladies are spectacular and now you can own them yourself with the DC Bombshells Art Prints!

Let’s take you back in time to meets these wonderful ladies.

Black Canary is a lounge singer, still wearing her famous fishnets. Zatanna is a magician, and poor little John Constantine has been turned into a rabbit at her side. Tour the floating cities of Thanagar with Hawkgirl, the rocket-powered guide who’ll make sure you have the greatest adventure of your life.

Katana looks coy in a retro fashion, samurai-inspired design as she steps on her enemy’s head. Stargirl is designed as a World War II bomber and a Hollywood star.

If you need to do any banking, Catwoman of Gotham City Savings & Loan is your girl – but keep your eye on her if you want to actually see your money again. Poison Ivy is a top-notch lingerie model in the spring catalog and last but not least, Harley Quinn has become the face of a retro playing card!

All the prints measure 24-inches tall x 18-inches wide and are printed on 100-pound, satin-finish paper. They will add personality and gorgeous aesthetic wherever you display them!

The DC Bombshells Art Prints are currently available at Entertainment Earth, where in-stock purchases of $79 or more receive free shipping.


» Order DC Bombshells Zatanna Art Print

zatanna dc bombshell art print

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hawkgirl dc bombshell art print

» Order DC Bombshells Katana Art Print

katana dc bombshell print

» Order DC Bombshells Stargirl Art Print

stargirl dc bombshell print

» Order DC Bombshells Catwoman Art Print

catwoman dc bombshell print

» Order DC Bombshells Poison Ivy Art Print

poison ivy dc bombshell print

» Order DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Art Print

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