30 Years Old and Lighting Up Like Never Before

Tetris Tetrimino

Now reduced from $224.99 to $149.99!

Tetris celebrated its 30th birthday in 2014. So many of us grew up playing the familiar mind game, but did you know that a Tetris block is officially named the “Tetrimino”? So why not bring those beloved angled blocks into your home with the Tetris Tetrimino Light-Up Sculptures from Project Triforce?

Each Tetrimino Light-Up Sculpture has been masterfully recreated to bring the authentic world of Tetris to life. Each piece is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces worldwide. Each Tetrimino features rechargeable lights, are completely waterproof, and can even be used as furniture with the ability to support up to 300 lbs of pressure!

Although each shape is sold separately, when put alongside other Tetriminos, the LEDs will sync and be controllable through 1 remote. Available are the O, J, T, Z, S, and L shapes.

The O-Shaped Tetrimino Light-Up Sculpture measures 16-inches tall x 16-inches wide, with the J-Shaped and T-Shaped pieces each at 24-inches tall. The Z-Shaped and S-Shaped pieces measure 24-inches long, while the L-Shaped pieces is 24-inches tall.

The Tetrimino is an icon of video gaming from one of the most popular electronic games of all time. From its humble beginnings in Russia to a worldwide phenomenon, the Tetris game is loved globally by all ages and all cultures.

These Tetris Tetrimino Light-Up Sculptures are currently available with free shipping at Entertainment Earth.

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