Prepare for Battle with Ninja Gaiden 3 Statue


Ayane, The Killer Kunoichi, is very sharp and quick on her feet. She is a master of martial arts and an expert at using the most dangerous ninpo spell, the Art of the Raging Mountain God. Now you can take her home thanks to the Ninja Gaiden 3 Ayane 13-Inch Statue presented by Multiverse Studios!

Ayane’s graceful, yet powerful fighting style is fully captured in this amazing collectible statue. She’s displayed in her Nocturnal Butterfly combat suit, wielding a Fuma Kodachi in each hand and a set of Kunai on her side. Ready to campaign against the Black Spider Clan, her swift actions leave a trail of severed parts in her wake.

Made from premium quality resin, this statue features integrated LED lights creating a dynamic presentation bringing Ayane to life.

Also included is a custom collector-friendly box, a 5v 0.5A USB cable, and a standard 100-240V AC adapter.

Ayane will be available August 2016, so place your pre-orders now and receive free shipping!

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