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This Power of the Primes Legends Set Includes a Brand New Dinobot

The Prime Wars are here, and both the Autobots and Decepticons are getting ready for a battle of epic proportions. This Power of the Primes Legends Wave 1 Set includes four highly poseable Legends Class figures. At roughly 3 3/4-inches tall, they’re sure to pack a powerful punch.


Don’t let her smaller size fool you; when it comes to kicking Decepticon tail, Slash is second to none. Able to transform from bot to raptor in 12 simple steps, Slash is a brand new Dinobot character and is able to merge with her fellow Dinos to form the first-ever Dinobot combiner.


As an Autobot geologist, Beachcomber tries his best to avoid conflict and instead focus on the nicer things in life. This Power of the Primes figure is a faithful update to his original g1 model, and with the ability to transform from peaceful Autobot to dune buggy in seven smooth steps, he’s a real gem.


This rugged little bot is no stranger to danger, and with his smaller size, he’s able to slip in and out of enemy lines with ease. Sporting one of the coolest alt modes yet, Windcharger’s savvy sports car is so clean you’ll likely never want to transform him back.


As a leading member of the Insecticons, a cadre of Decepticons that are able to transform into giant insects, Skrapnel’s known for always having a few tricks up his sleeve. With the power to shoot lightning from his horns, this Decepticon’s able to transform from menacing bot into a flying beetle. Where’s a bug zapper when you need one?

Each Power of the Primes figure comes with their own Prime accessory. As the follow-up to popular the Titans Return and Combiner Wars lines, PotP takes is the final installment in the Prime Wars trilogy. These Deluxe figures are sure to make great stocking stuffers, so don’t forget to order your set today.




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