The Godmother of Girl Power Looks Amazing in This She-Ra Statue

She-Ra Pop Culture Statue

Masters of the Universe redefined the toy market forever. While the heart of the MOTU world was pure fantasy, the marketing of it was pure research. One of the things that Mattel discovered doing massive amounts of research on the outset of the He-Man craze, was that action figures reached their pinnacle of popularity at three years.

The company set forth to build an empire, marketing through a television show and amazing mini-comics, with a goal in mind: they were going to make a clear transition from the “boy” market of He-Man to the “girl” market of She-Ra at the end of the three year run, hoping to capitalize on the projected lifespan of a project like this. The transition was slow, clear, and highly successful. She-Ra wasn’t just a girl in He-Man’s loincloth, she was her own character: a powerful, determined woman in an age when consumer-world Barbie reigned supreme.

After all these years, She-Ra retains her power and significance. You can celebrate that power with this amazing new statue! From the files of Really Cool Expensive Stuff comes this amazing new take on She-Ra, Princess of Power. The Pop Culture Shock Collectibles She-Ra Princess of Power 1:4 Scale Statue will become the centerpiece of any MOTU collection, hands-down.

She-Ra is holding her power sword aloft, her hair blowing in the breeze of her own strength. She stands on a decorative platform inspired by her own tiara with metallic detailing. This masterfully crafted statue stands at an impressive 28 3/4-inches tall. This high-quality collectible even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

As the Masters of the Universe continues to inspire a new generation of popular culture fans, collector’s will be rushing to scoop up a piece with this much power and significance. Pre-order yours today at Entertainment Earth and receive free U.S. shipping!

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Pop Culture Shock She-Ra Statue



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