PlayStation Button Icon Lights – Perfect for Game Rooms

Back in the 1990s when the first PSX hit store shelves, that oh-so-familiar-yet-different layout was a thing to behold. Letters were replaced by symbols! That made it a little harder to write to your friends on the dial-up interweb when it came to discussing which button to push where in a game, but it settled in and became a hallmark of one of the great gaming dynasties. Celebrate Sony’s symbols with the PlayStation Icons Light! The colorful button adornments light up on a black base, letting you show the world where your console heart lies. The triangle, circle, X, and square shine brightly and watch over us as we fight monsters, aliens, the undead, and whatever matter gets in our way as we roll stuff up to shoot into space to make a star. (We miss you, Katamari Damacy.) Long live the PlayStation! Order some PlayStation Icons Lights today!




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