One Piece Netflix Live Action Cast & Characters

The amazing world of One Piece is brought to life in the Netflix live-action series! All the adventures on the way to the Grand Line are lookin like they came straight from our world! Check out the amazing cast and characters of this all-new series below.

Monkey D. Luffy / Young Luffy

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy The Grandline Series Wano Country DXF Statue

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy The Grandline Series Wano Country DXF Statue

The star of the show! The optimistic pirate is quite the treasure hunter, and quickly, Luffy is able to form his own pirate crew called “The Straw Hat Pirates.” Oh, and did we mention Luffy’s entirely made of rubber? Having eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit when he was a child, Luffy has the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch to his heart’s content! This happy-go-lucky kid is gonna go far!

Iñaki Godoy / Colton Osorio

Luffy - Live Action One Piece

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

Iñaki Godoy and Colton Osorio bring our rubbery pirate to life in the Netflix series. Godoy is a Mexican actor is relatively new to the scene, having been in the Netflix series The Imperfects last year. Audiences love Godoy and his performance in the show! Osorio is doing quite well as well, having previously appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


One Piece Film: Red Shanks The Grandline Men Vol. 2 DXF Statue

One Piece Film: Red Shanks The Grandline Men Vol. 2 DXF Statue

Shanks is Luffy’s role model, the pirate he most dreams to be like. Shanks is the coolest Pirate around according to Luffy, so calm and collected, he makes most other pirates jealous just with his attitude! Shanks is also most notably the leader of the Red Hair Pirates – so make sure to listen for when those guys are mentioned!

Peter Gadiot

Credit: Joe Abbas/Netflix

Mr. Peter Gadiot brings our Shanks to life in the new series! Gadiot’s Shanks shines in the first episode of the series, providing the heart of gold that Luffy sees within pirates. Gadiot is a British actor who can previously be seen in television shows like Queen of the South and Yellowjackets.


One Piece Film: Red Koby The Grandline DXF Statue

One Piece Film: Red Koby The Grandline DXF Statue

Koby is one of the first friends that Luffy makes as he begins his journey as a pirate. A soft mannered guy, Koby is stuck, held captive by the Alvida Pirates. Luffy’s interactions with him prove how good-hearted Luffy is, sticking around to help Koby make his dreams come true.

Morgan Davies

Credit: Netflix

Morgan Davies brings the shy, soft spoken Koby to life! Davies does a fantastic job right in the first episode. You can also find him in the recently released Evil Dead Rise, which is now available to stream on Max.


The most beautiful woman in the world! Alvida is the captain of the Alvida Pirates, and she runs her crew with a firm hand. Anyone who says anything against her gets her iron club straight to the head. So, you can imagine how she feels when a guy as independent and as rubbery as Luffy ends up on her ship causing all sorts of havoc. Alvida is Luffy’s first enemy on the road – and we think she’ll stick around a while.

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino

Credit: Netflix

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino brings the nasty pirate to the screen, and boy, does she do a great job! Paulino’s performance is particularly goofy and threatening – exactly what the live action anime needed. You can find Paulino working her comedic magic in the Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls.


One Piece Nami Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #328

One Piece Nami Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #328

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates! She joins Luffy right away on their adventure to find the One Piece. Sharp, smart, and a little sarcastic, Nami is a incredibly useful member of the team, and Luffy’s lucky he found her so early!

Emily Rudd

Credit: Casey Crafford/ Netflix

Emily Rudd portrays our lovely Nami, and she does a wonderful job! Rudd brings the independence and ferocity of Nami to life so easily, it’s so easy to believe that Nami is an incredibly asset to Luffy’s pirating team. Rudd can also be found in the Netflix horror movie trilogy, Fear Street.

Roronoa Zoro / Young Zoro

One Piece Roronoa Zoro The Raid on Onigashima S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

One Piece Roronoa Zoro The Raid on Onigashima S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

Roronoa Zoro is THE pirate hunter. If it weren’t for Luffy, Zoro would still be out searching for every pirate out there, working down his list. But! Since Luffy’s come along, Zoro has a little bit of a soft spot for one pirate and one pirate only. The Pirate Hunter has joined a pirate crew, and hopefully his dreams of being the world’s best swordsman will eventually come true!

Mackenyu / Maximilian Lee Piazza

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

The son of actor and martial artist Sonny Chiba, Mackenyu is a Japanese actor that seems to have all the skill needed to bring Roronoa and his swordsmanship to life! Mackenyu can e seen in Knights of the Zodiac and Over Drive.

 Maximilian Lee Piazza brings the younger Roronoa to life! The younger star also has all of the necessary skills needed to make Roronoa believable. The actor is currently specializing in the martial art of Iaijutsu, which includes the use of swords. So if you needed a reason to believe this kid has what it takes – here it is!


Helmeppo is one of the supporting antagonists at the beginning of One Piece, the son of Marine Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan. Helmeppo is incredibly arrogant and obnoxious. His attitude is initially very off-putting for our team! Hopefully (wink) things change for Helmeppo and his personality.

Aidan Scott

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

Aiden Scott perfectly captures the sniveling, obnoxious attitude of Helmeppo. Scott can be seen in the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth 2.

Axe Hand Morgan

“Axe Hand” Morgan is one of the most terrifying people you meet at the beginning of the new One Piece. He is one of the captains of the marines and often abuses his power in order to boss around his underlings. His son, Helmeppo, often went to him to back him up, since he was such a powerful person in the system. However, the Captain’s affection is revealed to not be true, because he even turns on his own son and embarrasses him. We can only imagine where this marine’s story will go…

Langley Kirkwood

Credit: Casey Crafford/ Netflix

Langley Kirkwood is a South African actor who’s been acting since at least 1997. Kirkwood brings a fantastic amount of terror to his portrayal, solidifying “Axe Hand” as one of the scariest characters were introduced to. Kirkwood can also be found in the movie Collision and the television series, Warrior.


Buggy is a pirate that actually sends chills down my back when we meet him! If you’ve got a fear of clowns, this guy’s definitely going to be terrifying! Buggy is definitely the biggest immediate foe that Luffy and his two friends face. Buggy’s entire thing is performance (watch the scene where he captures Luffy and this will be immediate apparent!) We’re looking forward to seeing where this pirate goes!

Jeff Ward

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

Jeff Ward brings that scary clown pirate to the screen! Previously, Ward had prominent roles in many different shows, even a recurring role in the Marvel show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Most recently, you can watch Ward give a great performance in the Max show Hacks. 


One Piece Anime Heroes Usopp 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

One Piece Anime Heroes Usopp 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

Usopp is the 4th member to join up with the Straw Hat Pirates. A sniper, his talents are incredibly useful to the team! But at the beginning… his courage could use a little boost. Usopp is easily frightened, anxious, insecure, and overall a little bit of a coward! He doesn’t let everyone know that though… Usopp is one of the biggest liars around. The slim pirate must face his fears and stop lying to become one of the best warriors on the seven seas!

Jacob Romero

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

Jacob Romero is a Jamaican actor, who’s great acting is able to bring the loveable Usopp to life! Romero can previously be seen in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Rapsh!t. You’ll have to check out Romero’s great performance in One Piece and become a fan!


One Piece Usopp and Kaya World Collectable Figure Log Stories Mini-Figure

One Piece Usopp and Kaya World Collectable Figure Log Stories Mini-Figure

Kaya is one of Usopp’s friends from their hometown, Syrup Village. Kaya is an incredibly caring individual, caring so much that she worries herself into sickness! Usopp and Kaya are quite fond of each other, and Kaya even loves the lies he often tells her of his awesome pirating adventures.

Celeste Loots

Credit: Casey Crafford/Netflix

Celeste Looks plays the young and sickly Kaya. The 25-year-old actress was previously in the television series Projek Dina and FDR. For now, you’ll have to tune into One Piece to see her wonderful work!

Captain Kuro / Klahadore

Another antagonist that gets in Luffy’s way, Kuro is the captain of the Black Cat Pirates. This man is one of the worst among the pirates, since he doesn’t even respect his own crew! Kuro believes most of them are just barbarians motivated by greed. Deep down, Kuro is a bloodthirsty man, often resorting to violence to get what he wants. Kuro is particularly affected by a crescent moon! His blood thirst is heightened!

Alexander Maniatis

Credit: POPBUZZ / Netflix

Alexander Maniatis does a fantastic job bringing the calm terror of Kuro to life in the new live-action One Piece. Maniatis had previously appeared in a few other shows, including Projek Dina, The Power (Amazon), and more. Don’t miss his awesome performance!


Buchi is one of the Black Cat Pirates, often used as a guard for the pirate ship as the rest of the crew handles their business. Buchi is basically one of Kuro’s henchmen, always there when he needs some extra muscle.

Albert Pretorius

Credit: Ultimate Scenes/NETFLIX

Albert Pretorius brings Buchi from the anime to the live-action! If you loved him here, check out some of his other work like Koffie en Sigarette and Donkerbos (both South African productions).


While her brother Buchi acts as the muscle for Kuro, Sham is definitely the conniving, sinister one. Both are Black Cat Pirates that are at the call of Kuro. Both constantly say they are individuals who won’t get killed for Kuro (we’ll see if that’s true)! Look out for Sham and be wary of her conniving tricks.

Bianca Oosthuizen

Credit: Ultimate Scenes/NETFLIX

Bianca Oosthuizen definitely captures that conniving attitude and look – her stare even makes me nervous! Oosthuizen also works as an opposite to Buchi – her look and physicality is perfect! You can find her in a few other projects like Resident Evil and Afterlife of the Party.


Kuina was Roronoa Zoro’s childhood friend, someone who’s own interest in sword fighting motivated Zoro to become one of the best swordfighters around. You’ll have to watch the series to see the rest of Kuina’s story!

Audrey Cymone

Audrey Cymone brings the young girl to life! Cymone is a fairly big childhood star, having been in the Disney Channel Original Series Sydney to the Max and the television movie Annie Live! Definitely tune into her performance in One Piece too!

Vice Admiral Garp

Monkey D. Garp! The paternal grandfather of our protagonist, Vice Admiral Garp is incredibly famous as a marine, even holding the honor of Hero of the Marines. He was also initially in charge of raising Luffy and making sure he grew up safely! That is until he passed that responsibility to the Dadan family. Who knows what else Garp will get up to…

Vincent Regan

Credit: Casey Crafford / Netflix

The Welsh actor Vincent Regan has appeared in many movies and television shows, including Troy and 300. Regan is also a talented director, having directed his own film Instruments of Darkness.


The right hand man of Vice Admiral Garp. The most that can be said about Bogard right now is dang, he has quite a scowl on his face!

Armand Aucamp

Credit: Twitter / Netflix

This South African actor can be found in many other things such as The Tree, The Furnace, Warrior, and more! Something interesting about him too: he is the founder of South Africa’s largest dating app, KOER.


One Piece Sanji The Raid on Onigashima S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

One Piece Sanji The Raid on Onigashima S.H.Figuarts Action Figure

Sanji is the next to join the Straw Hat Pirates on their journey. Lucky for Luffy, he takes on the role of the cook! Sanji is the fourth child from the Vinsmoke Family, making him a former prince of the Germa Kingdom. His dream is to reach All Blue, a chef’s paradise where all the Blues meet.

Taz Skylar

Credit: Casey Crafford / Netflix

Tax Skylar portrays the wonderful Sanji. Skylar was launched into fame after he wrote the wildly successful play, Warheads. Afterwards, Skylar went on to write for and star in Gassed Up (Amazon). Skylar’s portrayal of the fan-favorite Sanji is sure to excite people!


Arlong is a sawshark fish-man. Yeah, you read that right. Things in One Piece are about to get crazier! Arlong is a huge antagonist, specifically for Nami. This fish-man has one of the highest bounties in all of East Blue. Arlong is particularly infamous because he believes humans are completely inferior and its perfectly fine to be horrible to them! Yikes.

McKinley Belcher III

Credit: Twitter / Netflix

McKinley Belcher III portrays this fish-man shark-guy. Belcher III has been a ton of different projects, including (but not limited to) Marriage Story (Netflix), The Art of Racing the Rain, and The Passage.

Chef Zeff

Sanji’s cooking mentor and adoptive father, Zeff was once a terrifying pirate himself, having been the captain of the Cook Pirates. Now, Zeff is owner of the ocean-bound restaurant, Baratie.

Craig Fairbrass

Credit: / Netflix

Craig Fairbrass has been acting for a long time, making his acting debut alongside Denzel Washington in the 1988 British thriller, For Queen & Country. If you’re looking for more of Fairbrass, definitely check him out in that!


Another fish-man, Kurobi is a member of the Arlong Pirates. Kuroobi also possesses an insane amount of strength.

Jandre le Roux

Jandre le Roux has been acting since 2016. His biggest projects include Tomb Raider (2018) and Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).


One Piece Dracule Mihawk Special Version DXF Statue

One Piece Dracule Mihawk Special Version DXF Statue

Dracula Mihawk is an incredibly famous pirate who had been dubbed as the “Strongest Swordsman in the World.” Mihawk previously trained Zoro, serving as his master in the art of swordsmanship. Mihawk continues to be a friend and foe to the Straw Hat Pirates.

Steven John Ward


This South African actor has been in a few different projects over the years, including the television mini-series Catch Me A Killer and the tv movie, The Day We Didn’t Meet. Check out One Piece to truly get a grasp on his acting prowess!  


Makino is a bartender from Luffy’s hometown – a very kind woman who often showed kindness to Luffy and to his pirate friends, including Shanks. Makino is one of the nicest people in the series!

Kathleen Stephens

Stephens is one of the best parts of the beginning of the One Piece live-action. Her warmth really shines through, and makes a lasting impact on the audience and on Luffy. You can find Kathleen Stephens in a few other roles, including the adventure comedy, Runs in the Family, released this year!


Another fish-man! This time, he is partly a smelt-whiting fish, part man. Chu is an officer of the Arlong Pirates and one of the major antagonists later on in the show.

Len-Barry Simons

The South African actor looks like he’s having a lot of fun in this role! Bringing to life the fish-man Chu, Simons definitely brings some fun energy to the screen.

Yasopp the Great

The father of Usopp, and also one of the rival snipers from the Red Hair Pirates, Yusopp’s story involves his son quite a lot. No spoilers! Check out the show to see what I mean.

Stevel Marc

Stevel Marc has brought his acting chops to One Piece! Previously, the Jamaican actor could be seen in The Mauritanian and Professionals.

Lucky Roux

Another one of the senior combatants of the Red Hair Pirates. He is also the one who found the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit… which if you remember… was eaten by Luffy and made him stretchy!

Ntlanhla Morgan Kutu

Kuto is a South African actor who can be found in previous projects such as  Four Walls and a Roof and Joburg Diary.

Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is the right hand man of the Red Hair Pirates – right next to Shanks. He, Lucky Roux, and Yasopp are some of the Shanks’ most trusted crew members.

Laudo Liebenberg

Another Projek Dina actor! The South African actor can also be seen in Dam, Donkerbos, and a short titled Sporadies Nomadies.



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