The Complete List of One Piece Live Action Season 1 Episodes and the Corresponding Anime Arcs

S.01 E.01 Romance Dawn

East Blue Saga: Romance Dawn Anime Arc

Meet Luffy, the optimistic young pirate who’s ready to set sail and head out on his own pirating adventure! Luffy meets a boy named Koby, who aims to be freed from his pirate captors and become a Marine. The two reach Shell Town, which puts them face to face with Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan, his son Helmeppo, and the notorious pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro. The live-action series episode 1 covers anime episodes 1-4.

  • Anime Episode 1: I’m Luffy! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King!
  • Anime Episode 2: The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro
  • Anime Episode 3: Morgan vs. Luffy! Who’s This Mysterious Beautiful Young Girl?
  • Anime Episode 4: Luffy’s Past! The Red-Haired Shanks Appears!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

While the live-action does a pretty good job of compacting the story into a short amount of episodes, there are a few changes made. For starters, Luffy eats the Gum-Gum fruit alone, while in the anime he eats it right in front of Shanks and his crew. Secondly, when Luffy meets Alvida the pirate, Alvida is shown to only care about how powerful she is, and how powerful everyone views her as. In the anime, Alvida’s main characteristic is an obsession with beauty. Lastly, Luffy’s goal when infiltrating the marine base is to find the map to the Grand Line. In the anime, he’s concerned with finding Zoro, while in the live-action, its just an added plus. Also, Nami wasn’t originally part of this heist with Luffy – in the anime she’s infiltrating the marine base on her own. The live-action does include more changes, but these seem to be the most important to any characters or future plot.

S.01 E.02 The Man In the Straw Hat

East Blue Saga: Orange Town Anime Arc

The Orange Town Anime Arc reconnects with our characters Luffy and Zoro as they float, lost at sea. Through certain circumstances, the two are able to reach Orange Town, a town taken over and run by the menacing pirate-clown, Buggy. While here, Luffy and Zoro meet the interesting, pirate-targeting burglar, Nami. The live-action covers episodes 4-8 of the anime series.

  • Anime Episode 4: Luffy’s Past! The Red-Haired Shanks Appears!
  • Anime Episode 5: Fear, Mysterious Power! Pirate Clown Captain Buggy!
  • Anime Episode 6: Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy!
  • Anime Episode 7: Grand Duel! Zoro the Swordsman vs. Cabaji the Acrobat!
  • Anime Episode 8: Who Will Win? Showdown Between the True Powers of the Devil Fruit!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

Like we said before, the live-action series has to take a few liberties in order to fit this much anime into only 8 episodes of a Netflix series. For starters, Luffy, Nami, and Roro have already met by this point. All 3 of them are captured by Buggy’s pirates using knock-out gas. Buggy, while still a terrible villain and antagonist to Luffy, has had his motivations amped up – now the same as Luffy’s – to become the King of the Pirates. Secondly, Roro originally has a fight with Cabaji, Buggy’s Chief of Staff, but instead Roro is just found tied up to a precarious knife throwing wheel. In the anime, Buggy is also able to stab Roro in the back. This is entirely skipped in the live-action.

S.01 E.03 Tell No Tales

East Blue Saga: Syrup Village / Gecko Islands Anime Arc

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami arrive in the Syrup Village! From there, the 3 meet Usopp, soon-to-be a new member to their crew, and is bed-ridden friend, Kaya. However, danger is still around every corner! The 3 come face to face with the infamous Kuro, the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, who was so dangerous he had previously been sentenced to death (and he somehow escaped)! Usopp, Kaya, Nami, Zoro, and Luffy fight Kuro and his pirates, Luffy eventually winning and protecting his crew. Kaya gifts the Straw Hat Pirates with a new ship, and the four others embark! This live-action episode covers the anime episodes 9-11.

  • Anime Episode 9: Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp
  • Anime Episode 10: The World’s Strongest Weirdo! Jango the Hypnotist!
  • Anime Episode 11: Revealing the Conspiracy! The Pirate Caretaker, Captain Kuro!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

The live-action series starts strong with this arc, sending us straight into the conflict between the Straw Hat Pirates and Kuro and the Black Cat Pirates. There are some important changes however, like the fact that Usopp no longer has his own little band of “pirate” kids. Kaya’s birthday is happening this day – the main reason that Kuro decides now is the time to execute his plan. Also, Jango doesn’t show up at all in this version, the only crew members of Kuro’s crew to appear are Sham and Buchi. The Netflix series does a fairly good job adapting this arc – with just a few minor changes.

S.01 E.04 The Pirates Are Coming

East Blue Saga: Syrup Village / Gecko Islands Anime Arc

Season 1 episode 4 continues the Syrup Village arc and the battle against the Black Cat Pirates and Kuro. See the above episode for a complete summary of this arc. This live-action episode picks up with anime episode 12 and continues through to anime episode 18.

  • Anime Episode 12: Battle! The Blackcat Pirate Crew. Battle on the Slope!
  • Anime Episode 13: The Terrifying Duo! Nyaban Brothers vs. Zoro
  • Anime Episode 14: Luffy’s Revival! Miss Kaya’s Life and Death Confrontation
  • Anime Episode 15: Defeat Kuro! Usopp’s Tear-filled Determination!
  • Anime Episode 16: Protect Kaya! Usopp Pirate Gang Takes Action!
  • Anime Episode 17: Completely Infuriated! Kuro vs. Luffy, Final Battle!
  • Anime Episode 18: You Are a Special Animal! Gaimon and His Bizarre Friends

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

First off, in an effort to make the show more succinct and compact, that live-action move Zoro’s backstory to this episode, spending a fairly large amount of time on Kuina’s death, and Zoro’s motivation for becoming one of the greatest swordsman alive. They’ve also completely switched the setting for the big battle with Kuro, which now takes place in Kaya’s mansion, rather than outside. Kaya and Usopp’s relationship is turned explicitly romantic with a kiss near the end of the episode. Lastly, we can’t forget that the live-action completely skips anime episode 18, You Are a Special Animal! Gaimon and His Bizarre Friends. A sad loss, but onto the next!

S.01 E.05 Eat At Baratie!

East Blue Saga: Baratie Arc

Now that Usopp has joined the crew, the anime sends the crew off to look for a cook for their ship, sending them off to the sea restaurant, Baratie. Don Krieg shows up as well as Mihawk. Zoro fights Mihawk and loses, vowing afterwards to never lose again. They meet Sanji as well, who joins the Straw Hat pirates as their cook! This arc is when the Seven Warlords of the Sea are introduced. This episode seemingly covers anime episodes 19-24.

  • Anime Episode 19: Anime Episode 12: Battle! The Blackcat Pirate Crew. Battle on the Slope!
  • Anime Episode 20: The Famous Cook! Sanji of the Floating Restaurant
  • Anime Episode 21: An Unexpected Guest! Sanji’s Food and Gin’s Grace
  • Anime Episode 22: The Greatest Pirate Fleet: Captain Don Krieg
  • Anime Episode 23: Protect Baratie! The Great Pirate: Zeff the Red Leg
  • Anime Episode 24: Hawk-Eyes Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro Falls into the Sea!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

This episode has a few more major differences compared to the anime. Krieg never arrives at the Baratie. Krieg and most of his crew are killed at the beginning by Mihawk. Mihawk now goes to the Baratie under orders from Garp, Luffy’s grandfather. Luffy does not become the chore boy after deflecting the cannon ball and wounding Zeff. He now becomes the chore boy because he can’t afford to pay for his bill. To top it off, instead of just arguing, Fullbody now fights with Sanji, showing off Sanji’s skills.

S.01 E.06 The Chef and the Chore Boy

East Blue Saga: Baratie Arc (continued)

After Zoro’s horrible defeat, the Straw Hat Pirates realize that Nami had double crossed them, and left with the Grand Line map and their ship. Zoro, Usopp, and others prepare to chase her down. Luffy stays on the Baratie and helps Sanji fight off Krieg and the rest of their attackers. Once Krieg is defeated, Sanji, Luffy, and their new friend Yosaku head off to find Nami too.

  • Anime Episode 25: The Emergence of the Superb Kicking Skill: Sanji vs. the Iron Wall Pearl
  • Anime Episode 26: Zeff and Sanji’s Ambition: The Sea of Dreams – All Blue
  • Anime Episode 27: The Cold-headed Demon: Pirate Fleet Battle Commander Gin
  • Anime Episode 28: I Won’t Die! Conclusion: Luffy vs. Krieg
  • Anime Episode 29: Outcome of a Deadly Battle! The Inner Spear!
  • Anime Episode 30: Departure! Sea Chef and Luffy Travel Together!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

Small differences are definitely found in this Netflix episode. First of all, the characters of Yosaku and Johnny aren’t ever introduced. Neither is Nako. So Zoro has to be patched up on the ship by Zeff, the restaurant owner. Sanji’s backstory is discussed in this episode – while in the original it’s just something he thinks to himself, here he tells Luffy about his history with Zeff and how he ended up on the Baratie. Koby learns in this episode that Luffy is Garp’s grandson, something he doesn’t learn in the anime until much later.

A big change the live-action series makes is Arlong’s appearance on the Baratie. Since Krieg is not present on the ship here, his place is taken by Arlong, a fish-man pirate. Nami betrays the Straw Hat Pirates and leaves with Arlong – whereas in the anime she steals the ship on her own.

S.01 E.07 The Girl With the Sawfish Tattoo

East Blue Saga: Arlong Park

In the anime, Luffy, Johnny, and Usopp begin to track down Nami. Once Nami has been found on the Arlong Pirate-dominated town of Cocoyasi Village, they learn that Nami is part of the Arlong Pirate crew. Fights ensue, but after discovering the true reason that Nami joined the pirates and abandoned her people (to help buy back the Cocoyasi village from them), the Straw Hat Pirates band together to take them down! This live-action episode covers half of the Arlong Park arc, specifically these anime episodes:

  • Anime Episode 31: The Most Wicked Man of East Blue, Fish-Man Pirate Arlong
  • Anime Episode 32: The Witch of Cocoyasi Village, Arlong’s Female Officer
  • Anime Episode 33: Usopp’s Death?! Luffy – Yet To Land?
  • Anime Episode 34 Reunited! Usopp Tells Nami’s True Story
  • Anime Episode 35: The Hidden Past! Female Fighter Bell-mère!
  • Anime Episode 36: Survive! The Mother Bell-mère and Nami’s Family!
  • Anime Episode 37: Luffy Stands Up! End of a Broken Promise!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

Difference Number 1: Cocoyasi is now being referred to as Coco village. I know, what a shame. It should also be mentioned that while in the anime the different groups of the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at the islands separately, here they arrive together. The only big affect this has is that Zoro no longer gets his awesome solo moment where he defeats the pirates on his own. Next, as shown in the episode, Nami now proposes her own deal to Arlong, rather than her being kidnapped and forced to join. Sadly, Coco Village is destroyed by the end of the episode, lit ablaze since the villagers were unable to pay up.

S.01 E.08 Worst In the East

East Blue Saga: Arlong Park (continued)

Look above for a quick summary of the Arlong Park arc. From episode 37, Luffy now jumps in to help defeat the terrible fish-men. Luffy and the crew defeat the rest of Arlong Pirates, Nami is forgiven by her crew and gets a new heartfelt tattoo, and the crew heads on out again for the Grand Line.

  • Anime Episode 38: Luffy in Trouble! Fish-Men vs. Luffy Pirates!
  • Anime Episode 39: Luffy Drowning! Zoro vs Octopus Hatchan!
  • Anime Episode 40: Proud, Tall Warriors! Dramatic Battle of Sanji and Usopp!
  • Anime Episode 41: Luffy’s Best! Nami’s Courage and the Straw Hat
  • Anime Episode 42: Bursting Out! Fish-Man Arlong, Fearsome Attack From The Sea!
  • Anime Episode 43: The End of the Fish-Man Empire! Nami is My Friend!
  • Anime Episode 44: Setting off with a Smile! Farewell my Hometown, Cocoyasi Village!

Differences between the Netflix live action episode and the anime

The finale episode of the live-action series, Luffy takes on the terrible Arlong in this episode. One notable difference is that Nami now takes part in the fight too, whereas in the original anime, she runs off and lets Luffy take on the hard parts. There are some minor differences as well during the fights themselves (Usopp now lights the bits of alcohol that Chew spits out at people, rather than dousing and lighting him on fire.) Buggy reunites with his body here in Arlong Park, rather than farther down the story. Nami does not get her new tattoo in the live-action (something I missed!) Lastly, Luffy getting his first bounty happens in this arc rather than Lougetown Arc.

Overall, it was a great finale, with a few minor changes and some compacting of the story. Fans of the anime series will be pleased that the heart of the show and the main action and story are still intact!



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