Nickelodeon Developing Hybrid Animated/Live-Action Film Based on their 90s NickToons

It seems Nickelodeon isn’t done with the 90s nostalgia bomb.

First they give us The Splat, a programming block dedicated to their 90s animated shows, and now they’ve announced something much, much bigger.

Do you remember how great Who Framed Roger Rabbit is?

Well, imagine that, but with all of Nick’s 90s shows.

Yup, they’re going to be doing a hybrid animated/live-action movie featuring all of their best Nicktoons from the past 25 years. That means Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Rocko’s Modern Life, and much more.

Go ahead and take a moment to wrap your head around this monumental news.

Jared Hess, the co-director and writer of Napoleon Dynamite, will be co-writing this Nick film with his wife and creative partner, Jarusha Hess.

While there’s no release date the film or any plot details, we do know what the title is. Are you ready? NickToons.

So are you excited for NickToons? Then sound off in the comments!

Note: There is no confirmation about which characters will appear in the film, so the feature image does not reflect that.

Source: The Mary Sue



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