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These New TMNT Figures Are Totally Tubular

TMNT 2018 Basic Action Figure Wave 4 Case

It’s 2018 and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still on TV. No matter what else is happening in the world, life is still good. Based on this hit Nickelodeon series, this TMNT Wave 4 set will feature 16 (yes, 16) individually packaged figures – each with their own set of weapons and accessories. Radical, right?

What’s better than owning one TMNT figure? Owning 16! Each turtle comes packed with multiple points of articulation so you can recreate all your favorite scenes from past and present. They even come with their own weapon racks, making it easier to keep track of all those sai, katanas, staffs, and nunchucks.

All your favorites are here, including Splinter, Bebop, Mutagen Man, and the one and only Casey Jones. If that wasn’t enough, this set also includes variations of old classics, including Frankenstein Donatello and Monster Vampire Raph, whose metal sai have been magically replaced by a wooden stake and dagger. It’s quite fitting, actually.

As the fourth wave in the new 2018 TMNT series, these figures are expected to hit the shelves in January, but you’d be better be quick: like ninja pizza, this set could instantly vanish without a trace. Make sure you pre-order your set from Entertainment Earth today.



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