We’re Hooked on a Feeling, We’re High on Collecting These New Pop! Vinyls

Guardians Pop

We know you can’t get enough of Guardians of the Galaxy so you’ll be very excited to learn that Funko is releasing more Guardians Pop! Vinyl Bobble Heads from the biggest movie of the year!

You already have your Guardians, but what are heroes without any villains? These new Funko Pop! Vinyls are the scum of the galaxy – very powerful but completely immoral. They’ll certainly liven up your heroes against villains collection.

Gamora can have a little company with her sister when you pick up the new Nebula Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head. Nebula is the alien assassin raised alongside Gamora by Thanos. Always second to her sister, Nebula grew bitter and determined to prove herself to Thanos by taking down Gamora.

The main villain of the movie, Ronan the Accuser is coming your way and looking to destroy some worlds along the way. Armed with his staff, his black and light blue coloring will really stand out among your collection.

Yondu is the least evil of these villains and eventually teams up with the Guardians at the end of the film. He raised Peter Quill but put a bounty on him for running with an orb, rather than handing it over. He’s bright blue and red and comes with the trust arrow-shaped projectiles he controls by whistling.

There’s not a more perfect Pop! Vinyl for your collection than The Collector himself. Looking particularly suave and mysterious, he’s holding the orb and draped in his white fur.

These Pop! Vinyl Bobble Heads stand 3 3/4-inches tall but will cower beside the last one.

Last, but certainly not least, is Thanos himself, towering above all others as a super-sized 6-inch tall Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head. With fists clenched and an arrogant grin on his face, he’s adorned in his blue and gold armor and ready to take over the Galaxy… and your Pop! collection.

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