Great Scott! Never Before Seen Back to the Future Concept Art

2015 is the year of Back to the Future Part II and Marty McFly is headed our way! The memes are already pouring in, the marathons have begun, and the need for hovercrafts is high.

You may not have a working hovercraft, but you can share your excitement for the franchise with never before seen concept art from the film, released for the first time by Newsweek. Check out the art below!

Tim Flattery, one of the “future consultants” for Back to the Future Part II, was tasked with creating the not-too-distant future of 2015. He specializes in designing futuristic cars, but admits this was a daunting task.

“I was petrified,” Flattery recalls. “Whenever you design and build stuff like that from the ground up, something’s going to go wrong on set. It always does. There’s all sorts of stories about things that happened with the police car.”

The concept art belongs to one of Flattery’s co-workers, Edward Eyth, who specializes in designing props and smaller set pieces, such as the microwave dehydrator. There were even a lot of pieces designed that didn’t make it for the final cut, according to Eyth, including a wrist communication device and “a giant aquarium [in Marty McFly’s future home] where you can harvest fish.”

Director Robert Zemeckis didn’t want anything too flashy for Marty’s middle-class lifestyle.

“With [screenwriter] Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis, they wanted a future that made those things they dreamt of as kids attainable, like flying cars,” said Flattery.

This film is especially exciting because we’re in 2015 and so many of these futuristic pieces are real, or at least in progress. The future has officially arrived.

New Back to the Future Concept Art



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