Meet the Characters of Upcoming Ash vs Evil Dead Series in New Featurette


The brand new Starz Ash vs Evil Dead series is a little over a month away now! How excited are you?! Well, whatever it is, get ready to double it because the new featurette that was released today is awesome.

You can check out the video below! Warning: It contains explicit language, violence, and gore (as you’d expect).

The featurette, titled “The Reluctant Hero and His Crew,” introduces the main characters of the show and I gotta admit, I already love all of them.

First is, of course, Ash Williams (played once more by the legendary Bruce Campbell) who has become a lazy, selfish everyman. Purely by accident, he releases the forces of evil and has to defeat them again. Nice going, Ash.

He’s joined by Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ray Santiago) and Kelly Maxwell (Dana Delorenzo) to form a trio for the new series. They both work with Ash at the Value Mart.

Pablo idolizes Ash, while Kelly is more skeptical of him and first and foremost Pablo’s friend. She’s described as sarcastic, strong, and the brains of the whole operation. There are some great one-liners in the video and I think these three are going to form a fun team.

Next up is the obligatory cop in a story like this: Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones). She starts seeing evil, demonic beings but no one believes her and so she goes on a quest of sorts to get to the bottom of it. I’m excited to see how she interacts with our heroes, and whether or not she comes to join them.

Last is the always awesome Lucy Lawless, playing a mysterious character named Ruby who has an obsession with Ash. She seems to know these evil creatures well and how to handle them – but can she be trusted?

Honestly, the whole video is a riot and makes the series seem very promising. Fingers crossed it really is as awesome as it looks!

Ash vs Evil Dead debuts on Starz on October 31st. Sam Raimi is returning as director, writer, and executive producer.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am?

Ash vs Evil Dead Featurette: The Reluctant Hero and His Crew



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