Go Back to the Future with Fully Functioning Miniature Hover Boards

BttF Hover Boards

The future is here thanks to Neoley Technologies’ Back to the Future hover boards with tracks!

Based on Marty McFly’s chosen mode of transportation in Back to the Future Part II and Part III, these great hover boards are the perfect collectibles for fans.

There are two total, one with a 6-inch track and the other with a 3-inch track.

Using the scientific power of magnets, the officially licensed hover board replica floats back and forth above its base! The boards are the same size, one simply has more track to hover over.

It may not be a hover board you can use but it’s still a pretty cool way to pay tribute to one of the best franchises and characters around and it’ll be one of the most dynamic collectibles you have on display.

Hover to the future with these great pieces, currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of September 2015.

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» Order Back to the Future Miniature Hover Board With 6-Inch Track

BttF 6-Inch Hover Board

» Order Back to the Future Miniature Hover Board With 3-Inch Track

BttF 3-Inch Hover Board



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