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This Kirby Can Take on Many Different Characteristics

Kirby is one of the most versatile and fun characters to play, which is why he’s my favorite anytime I play Super Smash Bros. His ability to swallow characters and take on their characteristics gives a player, even more, chances for fun! Now Good Smile Company is releasing a brand new Ice Kirby to their line up of Nendodroids! He’s super cute and comes with a ton of accessories and faces to give every fan a huge range of display options.

Part of the fun of playing Kirby is his super expressive expressions. The Nendoroid Ice Kirby Figure comes with four face plates and a bonus pink version of him sleeping. Each face gives a different side of Kirby including a regularly smiling face and an angry ready for action face. But it wouldn’t be complete without Kirby’s signature inhaling face and full face. Couple this with the many accessories and you are sure to come up with some rad poses for Kirby.

My favorite of the accessories included is the Star Bomb. Being a fan of Super Smash Bros. I always chose Kirby because he could inhale an opponent then has their abilities. Then as I got better at the game you have this amazing ability that is him spitting out a star to slam someone out of the battle zone. The one included with Ice Kirby looks just like he’s spitting it out when you use is open mouth inhaling face. Other accessories included are an ice skid, an ice cloud, and parasol. You can also dress up Ice Kirby with his ice crown or fighting headband. All of this can be easily switched out as magnets are responsible for holding the interchangeable pieces together.

Not only is Ice Kirby cute but his playability is massive from all that is included. You can show off the many different personalities Kirby portrays. He comes with everything to show off a range from happy, angry to full. It’s definitely a great addition to any fan’s collection. Pre-order now before you miss out on this Dream Land character!

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