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Grab a Slice with All the NECA 1:4 Scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

You don’t need me to tell you how immensely popular the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were from the ’80s until today. The comic book turned action figures turned cartoon turned live action film turned video game is beloved around the world. The live action films in the early ’90s still hold a piece of all of our nostalgic hearts and now the Turtles are back! NECA brings you these astoundingly accurate 1:4 Scale TMNT Movie Replica Figures! Let’s take a look:


We should start by talking about the leader of the group. He’s the voice of reason and often finds himself at odds with his brother Raphael. He trains hard, studies hard, and fights harder. This Leo figure stands 16 1/2-inches tall and has 30 points of articulation. He comes with his signature Katanas (which conveniently slide into the scabbards on his shell), a mutagen canister, a slice of pizza, and, of course, interchangeable hands for your customizing pleasure!


Nerd alert! But the lovable kind. Donny knows everything about anything. He’s easily the smartest of our heroes in a half shell and he loves proving it time and time again. He invents a lot of their gear, and craves knowledge like Michelangelo craves pizza. The figure is movie accurate and includes his bo staff and interchangeable hands, as you’d come to expect from any NECA figure.


If there’s a party, Mikey will be there. He’s free spirited, easy going, and fun loving and like his brothers before him, he loves his pizza. While he may be fun Turtle, he’s serious when it comes to dishing out pain with his nunchucks. The figure comes with two nunchucks, a slice of pizza, a bag of pork rinds, and alternate interchangeable hands to clutch food or weapons on display in your collection!


I saved the best for last (well, he’s my favorite). Raphael was a lone wolf and had an attitude any time he was told to do something. However, he remains ever loyal to his brothers and Master Splinter. He loves to fight and often goes off alone or with Casey Jones to find trouble. The Raphael Replica Figure comes with his dangerous dual sai weaponry, a slice of pizza, and (you guessed it) more interchangeable hands.

But that’s not it for 1:4 TMNT movie Actions Figures, at Comic-Con NECA teased upcoming Shredder and Foot SoldierĀ figures. Stay tuned for more news.



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