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Hey, Fans! Deadpool’s Here – And He Brought Toys!

Leave it to this loud-mouthed mercenary to bring a knife to a gun fight! Ok, several knives. And swords. And a couple of actual guns.

With the amazing Deadpool 1:4 Scale Action Figure, Wade Wilson has brought along his entire arsenal to dispatch, well, whoever he wants! That arsenal includes not only his signature katanas and pistol, but also machine guns, sai, and knife. Each weapon has its own functioning holster, too. Turns out if you’re Deadpool, you can take it with you!

Clocking in at 18 inches tall and with over 30 points of articulation, the Merc with a Mouth does everything you want an action figure to do except talk – but that’s probably for the best!

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero arrives at Entertainment Earth early next year, so pre-order yours today with Free U.S. Shipping!

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Deadpool 1:4 Scale Action Figure



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