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See the Coolest Action Figure Sets Aboard the Spaceship Nostromo

Aliens Action Figures

In space, no one can hear you scream… except for these great Aliens Series Action Figure Sets from NECA!

There are three sets total, full of great 7-inch scale action figures from the popular 1979 Ridley Scott, 1986 James Cameron, and 1992 David Fincher films.

Series 3 includes three individually packaged figures: Kane in Nostromo Spacesuit, dog alien, and Bishop. Series 4 also has three individually packaged figures, including: Ripley, Ripley in Spacesuit, and Dallas.

The last set, Series 5, has four individually packaged figures: Ripley, Red Genocide Warrior, Black Genocide Warrior, and Bisected Bishop with egg and Facehugger.

All of the figures feature several points of articulation and will bring you right back to the terrifying adventure of the Nostromo!

The sets also feature accessories straight out of the movies.

Get your Aliens action figures for your collection! They are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with Series 3 and 4 expected to arrive in July 2015 and Series 5 set to arrive in September.

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Alien Action Figures

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Alien Action Figures

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Alien Action Figures



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