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Master Jutsu with Gaara!

In the anime and manga series Naruto there are people who are hosts to powerful chakra monsters called the Tailed Beasts. Gaara was the host of the One-Tailed Shukaku which led his fellow villagers to fear him and his powers. Naruto, a host himself – who found strength in friendship, defeated Gaara. Once Gaara started to emulate Naruto he used his powers to protect the village and with that dispelled everyone’s fear of him. Many people believed Gaara’s sand controlling abilities came from the One-Tailed Shukaku but, SPOILER, once the beast was removed from his body he was just as powerful!

The Naruto Shippūden Gaara SH Figuarts Action Figure showcases Gaara using his jutsu ability to control sand. The figure comes with a large sand effect that mimics the shape of one of his four interchangeable hands. There are also two optional faces included both with his signature tattoo “ai” (愛) which translates to “love” in Japanese. Strapped to his back is his gourd which is not only full of his chakra infused sand but made of the sand as well! This figure stands approximately 5 1/2-inches tall and is articulated for maximum poseability!

Pre-order this Gaara figure now before it fades away like the sands of time.




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