4 Hot Monogram Items You Need with You at All Times

When you can’t take your entire collection with you, you can still show it off. Monogram has been busy at work making exciting accessories to help collectors express themselves in a myriad of ways.

No matter what your job is or where you go to school, you can represent the Man of Steel with this Superman Man of Steel Logo Pewter Lapel Pin. With the classic Superman design and familiar shape, this pin will get plenty of looks. But the classy design lets you wear it in any situation, on your suit jacket or on your backpack.

Girl Power shines through with this Wonder Woman Shield Pewter Lapel Pin. Made of the same high-quality pewter as the Superman Pin, this pin lets you bring the Queen of the Amazons along with you wherever you go. Suitable for wear on any article of clothing, you need never be without Wonder Woman’s power.

Whether undercover or just looking for a subtle nod to Captain America, this Marvel Hydra Logo Pewter Keychain is perfect for any occasion. The captivating design is ideal for keeping your keys together or for clipping onto your backpack or suitcase.

Put your money in the care of a hardened criminal with the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bust Bank. Modeled after her appearance in the blockbuster film, Harley Quinn 8-inch bust will look great on a shelf, desk, or asylum cell.

Monograms line of practical collectibles is the pragmatic way to show off your collector cred to friends and coworkers any time. Order them all now from Entertainment Earth.



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