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New Action Figure Brings Life to Most Powerful Superhero

Shazam Collective Figure

While Superman and Batman duke it out in theaters, neither one would dare face Shazam!

Dating back to the 1930’s Shazam showed everyone what it meant to be powerful, combining the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the invulnerability of Achilles, the speed of Mercury, and the raw power of Zeus. His popularity was such that he outsold Superman comics through most of the 1940’s.

This One:12 scale figure is endlessly posable, and packed with accessories, including two interchangeable heads and a display base! Shazam’s iconic costume is exact to the smallest detail and the figure hosts an unbelievable 32 points of articulation. This kind of detail, dexterity, and diversity of expression is rare, even in the highest circle of action figure collection.

As America rediscovers the magic of superheroes, and Hollywood mines the old greats for new material, Shazam heads towards the top comic book-movie universe. His combination of powers were, frankly, too awesome to make it to film before special effects technology properly matured (he was the subject of a forgettable Filmation cartoon).

Warner Bros. will be releasing the motion picture, Shazam!, in 2019, so don’t miss this opportunity to get this collector’s figure before everyone jumps on board! This articulate, detailed, and remarkable figure can be pre-ordered at – get yours today!

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