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The Crimson Archer Is Here as an Exclusive One:12 Collective Action Figure

Red Arrow One:12 Collective

From the start, the CW Network’s Arrow has been a re-telling of the classic iteration of the Green Arrow. Oliver’s more like Batman than he is Oliver Queen, Felicity holds many parallels to Barbara Gordon, and the list goes on. This re-telling has worked well for the show, despite up and down reviews through its 5 year tenure. One characterization has been similar to their comic book parallel, but different enough to make him just a tad more like-able.

Roy Harper has always been, well… problematic. The stereotypical sidekick is quick to act without thought, hot headed, dangerous, and often gets others in the same kind of danger. While Arrow’s Arsenal shares many of those traits, they’ve watered down the negative and enhanced the positive just enough to make Roy a beloved character that is still missed from the show.

Though Roy is no longer in Arrow, he’ll always remain a member of the team. Thanks to this new One:12 Collective Action Figure – Previews Exclusive, you can make Arsenal a member of your team as well!

These guys aren’t available until July of 2017, but you can pre-order it now to receive it upon release! Ordering now will give you a chance to take advantage of free shipping (USA only). With over 30 points of articulation and a unique costume with a bit of a spin from the one depicted in Arrow, this will certainly be a unique addition to any collection.





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