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What’s Up with This Huge Bunny Action Figure, Doc?

People forget that cartoons weren’t invented with kids in mind. The fact that kids took to them so well was somewhat of a surprise to the first generation of animators. Once that become clear, cartoon studios cashed in and toned things down a little. But, there was a time when cartoons were irreverent. They were beyond nonsensical, beyond silly, they were downright looney.

Before Tex Avery and way before Chuck Jones, the Looney Tunes were making children and adults laugh with a special brand of insanity. Mezco Toyz is celebrating the 75th birthday of Bugs Bunny in style! This Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny 24-Inch Action Figure commemorates the Bugs Bunny of old.

When most people think of Bugs Bunny, they picture the anthropomorphic Chuck Jones embodiment, voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc. Now, there’s nothing wrong with what Bugs Bunny turned into, but in the early days, he was a mapcap troublemaker. More than just a pain in the side of misguided hunters, Bugs Bunny was an instigator. His character was closer to that of Daffy Duck or Woody Woodpecker than it was Mickey Mouse.

From 1942-1946, Bugs Bunny was nothing less than an insane, nearly homicidal, lupine with an attitude. His antics won Academy Awards and built a cartoon empire that was, in some ways, the evil twin of the Disney Animation Studio across town. Bugs Bunny would go on to become a more comfortable protagonist to have in your home, eventually playing basketball with Michael Jordan, for some reason or another.

This action figure, measuring in at an impressive two feet, has nine points of articulation. He stands tall above his lucky rabbit’s feet, highly poseable, with a carrot in hand. He is delivered with a collector-friendly box that completes the whole package. No matter what era of Bugs Bunny you like, there’s should be room in your collection to honor his original form, complete with irreverent attitude. Pre-order yours with free shipping today from Entertainment Earth!

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