Living Dead Munchkins Mean Your Troubles Will NOT Melt Like Lemon Drops

Munchkin Exclusive

Remember when Dorothy sings about how she wants to fly “Over the Rainbow” and how wonderful that will be? She alludes to a world where her sorrows will disappear and there will be nothing but fanciful happiness to surround her. Does anyone else think that the tornado missed that memo? She goes to a land torn apart by political strife, ruled by a tyrant wizard, where a wicked witch wants her blood. Sounds like she shot pretty far below that rainbow, to me.

But, it could have been worse.

You will be clicking your heels in horror, chanting about how there’s no place like home in no time when you see this. This Entertainment Earth Exclusive Living Dead Dolls Munchkins of Oz 3-Pack paints a Oz like you’ve never seen it before. The less-than-predictable crossover between Night of the Living Dead and The Wizard of Oz is finally here!

The Yellow Brick Road has turned red! These undead blue Munchkins are coming for your brains and inspiring horrific dreams of survival. The Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League can do nothing to protect you from the horror. Even Glinda, the Good Witch will scram for cover to save her own skin. One thing is for sure, there aren’t enough houses landing in Oz to take care of this threat.

The details on these dolls are astounding. The creepy fabric costuming is spot-on and pitch perfect. These amazing collectibles measure 4-inches tall and come in a special, themed display box. There is no collector who would dare be without this exclusive 3-Pack, so pre-order today from Entertainment Earth!

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