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Mega Man Is Here to Defend Our World!

30 years ago Mega Man burst onto the scene as an android called Rock. He was invented by Dr. Light while Dr. Wily was Light’s assistant. Of course, like some assistants do, Dr. Wily went off the deep end and reprogrammed Dr. Light’s robots and threatened violence against the world! Rock was then converted into a battle robot to defend the world from the evil Dr. Wily and he became…. Mega Man!

Now you can defend your home, office, or wherever needs defending with your very own Mega Man Legends Mega Man Volnutt 4-Inch Nel Action Figure!

This 4-inch figure comes with a variety of optional parts! You can switch out his hands for Mega Buster weapons and you can switch out his head between a helmeted head and an un-helmeted head to show off his sweet signature hair style!  He is highly articulated so you can recreate some of your favorite action poses from the many games, animated series, and comics on his clear display stand.

Make sure to pre-order your Mega Man Legends action figure now before the Robot Masters appear!



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