In Space, No One Can Hear You Squeal Over These Adorable Aliens

Alien Vinyl Collector Dolls

By now, we know it’s best to just nuke the site from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure – but what collector could resist bringing these extraterrestrial terrors home?

Medicom’s latest offerings are sure to please, even if they do have a tendency to ram their ovipositors down your throat to lay their eggs in your chest.

The Alien Warrior Vinyl Collector Doll has his fearsome fangs in full view and massive six-clawed hands outstretched. He’s either waiting for someone to pass him the ball, looking for a friend to hug, or just wants to eviscerate any hapless crewmember he might stumble upon.

And the Alien Vinyl Collector Doll is almost more impressive, with his H. R. Giger-designed skull visible beneath a transparent shell and his shrieking ovipositor extended. Because the only thing worse than a fanged alien is a fanged alien who has even more fangs down his throat.

Both stand approximately 8-inches tall and are faithfully detailed in a stylized fashion. Order now with free shipping before a troop of Colonial Marines wipes out the whole nest.

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Alien Warrior Vinyl Collector Doll

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Alien Vinyl Collector Doll



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