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Vintage Masters of the Universe Action Figures Make a Terrifying Return!

1200x630_super7_mastersofuniverseThe Golden Age of action figures might have been ushered in by Star Wars toys, but the pinnacle really came to fruition with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. MOTU was the first property ever to be designed as a cartoon and action figure tie-in (believe it or not) and the brilliance of both made them icons of American childhood. Over 35 years after making their entrance into popular culture history, vintage Masters of the Universe figures are back with the Super 7 tie-in toys, “The Curse of the Three Terrors.”

Masters of the Universe Vintage Action Figure

Everyone’s favorite bad-guy, Skeletor, is back and badder than ever, possessed by an ancient evil that even he finds disturbing. This amazing Masters of the Universe Possessed Skeletor Vintage Action Figure is wrapped in mummy-like rags, this classic character will trigger your nostalgia while thrilling you with the fresh take. This striking character will be a favorite of all MOTU collectors, the Skeletor variant being in the perfect spirit of the character we already love.

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But who are these “Three Terrors” that are bedeviling Skeletor? Check out these three amazing figures: MOTU Terror Bat Vintage Action Figure, MOTU Terror Jaguar Vintage Action Figure, and the MOTU Terror Wolf Vintage Action Figure. These three terrors will be the three best additions to your MOTU collection since 1986.

Super 7 has worked hard to make sure that all four of these amazing figures meet the exacting standards of the classic action figures. At 5 ½-inches tall, these figures are inspired by the old Mattel figures, down to the artwork on the cards. Each of these amazing figures are sold separately and available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth!



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