Marvel’s Hammiest Hero Strikes a Highly-Accessorized Pose

Kotobukiya Deadpool ArtFX Statue

For every awesome moment, Wade Wilson seems to have three ridiculous ones. Whether it’s thanks to his excitability, fanboy tendencies, general lack of decorum or self-preservation, or just because his opponent gets the upper hand, Mr. Wilson is no stranger to getting a pie to the face (or a sword to the stomach).

Which makes Kotobukiya’s new Marvel Now Super Deadpool ArtFX Statue so much fun. This time, the Merc With the Mouth doesn’t just come with weapons. This time, his accessories include some downright ridiculous tricks and treats.

Standing 17-inches tall, this 1:6 scale statue comes with a portion of a warehouse catwalk. Wade’s clearly about to stick a gold medal-winning landing. Not only that, he also comes with:

  • 2 handguns
  • 1 magnum handgun
  • 1 white flag
  • 1 grenade
  • 1 circus clown wig
  • 2 katana swords

Little known fact, but Wade is one of only three people on the entire planet who can truly make a red clown wig look good – especially when he stashes a katana in it.

This mischievous mercenary miscreant is sure to spice up any office or collection, so order today and you’ll be having scads of silly fun soon!

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