Former Baddie Venom Now Fights for Good as Agent Venom

Spider-Man Marvel Now Agent Venom ArtFX+ Statue

If there’s just one thing comics have taught us, it’s that nothing ever stays exactly the same. Backstories can be retconned, the dead can be brought back to life — and baddies don’t always stay bad.

Still, it can be a bit surprising when a former monster dons the mantle of a hero. Case in point: erstwhile evil parasite Venom, who has found a new human host and a new calling as a government agent!

Straight from his most recent comic run comes Kotobukiya’s Spider-Man Marvel Now Agent Venom ArtFX+ Statue!

Wearing his new military-esque uniform with his signature symbol emblazoned across his chest, Agent Venom is highly detailed and on the prowl. From his matte costume to his textured armor, Venom makes a dynamic stand-out for any collection. He stands approximately 7 1/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a closed box.

Order the Agent Venom ArtFX+ Statue today and we’ll ship as soon as we can get our hands on the slippery government spook.

Spider-Man Marvel Now Agent Venom ArtFX+ Statue



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