Margot Robbie Shows Superhero Skills in Deal with WB

While all the other actors in Suicide Squad were working on memorizing their lines, Margot Robbie teamed up with some friends and penned a pitch for a stand-alone Harley Quinn movie. At this point, her Harley Quinn film won’t be the first modern comic book film to star a woman in the leading role, but it will be right up there. But what’s more, Robbie has penned a deal to not only star in the movie, but be listed as Executive Producer.

While few critics are singing the praises of DC’s expanded universe, and Suicide Squad, in particular, has horrible critical consensus, everyone agrees that Robbie stole the show as Harley Quinn. A simple image search for the term “cosplay” on Google will show you how much her portrayal of the character has influenced comic book fans. Her move to capitalize on her role and present a treatment for a stand-alone movie before Suicide Squad even hit theaters was beyond forward thinking, it was downright genius.

Could it be that Margot Robbie has all the feminine strength that her character captures in the film? While the title of executive producer can mean anything from an added paycheck to creative license, there’s reason to believe that Robbie has plenty of influence on the development of the project.

While DC is doing well in the box office, can they handle many more poor reviews in the papers? Could it tarnish Margot Robbie’s star power? Well, Robbie isn’t dependent on the DC Expanded Universe alone. In addition, Robbie is attached to another Warner Bros. film, Dean N. Jensen’s Queen of the Air. WB seems to be investing a lot in their young star. But beyond her good looks, she appears to have a business sense that could propel her to being one of the more influential people in Hollywood.



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