Madballs Return in Miniature!

Kid Robot Madballs

Everything old is new again, but this time you are prepared to arm your collection like you should have in the ’80s. At a time when one toy craze was the irreverent gross-out factor of Garbage Pail Kids and Boglins, Madballs brought fun antics to casual games of catch everywhere. Borrowing their designs from the intrinsic qualities of the sports that they satirized, Madballs morphed innocent balls into grotesque works of art that every kid loved.

Now you can collect all the original Madballs as minifigures, perfect for integrating into your modern collection. Classic characters like Skillface, Occulus Orbus, and Screamin’ Mimi are back from the dead and ready for your shelf in this Madballs Mini-Figure Display Tray from Kidrobot. This freakish and outlandish collection will surprise you as you unwrap all 20 individual blind boxes.

You’re worried about the random nature of packaging and the likelihood of getting duplicates when unwrapping an entire tray of 20 Madballs Mini-Figures that are wrapped blindly? That’s okay, you’re probably not a huge fan anyway. There is nothing more exciting than taking the dive and finding out what random fate has planned for you, as you unwrap a blind box. With 20 boxes and 16 figures, you’re may get exactly what you’re looking for. But would 20 Screamin’ Mimis be such a bad thing? Yeah, probably, but that’s not high on the probability scale.

All the grossest Madballs characters are here, and if you’re ready to take that plunge, there is no better way than getting a whole tray of random collectibles! Coming to shelves very soon, you can pre-order yours today at Entertainment Earth!

Madballs Mini-Figure Display Tray



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