Oh, What a Pop, What a Lovely Pop!

If you want to be all shiny and chrome, your Funko Pop! collection absolutely needs the brand new Mad Max: Fury Road Vinyl Figures.

“Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.” Vicious warlord Immortan Joe is wearing his medal-studded body armor and iconic breathing apparatus, clubbing scepter in hand. A variation randomly inserted into the line also features Joe in the moments after his climactic confrontation with Furiosa – when most of his jaw and face has been ripped away beneath the spinning wheels of his own vehicle.

Furiosa stands proud with her mechanical arm and personalized steering wheel, face darkened with grease and smudges of dirt. A variation features her with goggles and a blood-stained face after an especially harrowing battle.

The monosyllabic Max wears his signature leather jacket and has a gun ready for the next War Boy to drive too close. His free hand is bandaged and leg wrapped in a metal brace.

The Coma-Doof Warrior is strumming his double-necked guitar, clearly in the middle of his shrieking battle song. His face is wrapped in the white stocking seen in the film, and he’s clothed in his red long johns and sneakers.

Shirtless Nux has just come off the worst from his drive into the dust storm – Max has taken his shoe and he’s lost his shirt. The scars across his lips and chest are clearly visible against the unhealthy pallor of his skin.

Capable is wearing the white dress from her captivity at the hands of Immortan Joe, and she’s acquired a pair of practical goggles. Her distinctive red hair has been pulled back into braided pigtails.

Valkyrie, one of the last survivors of the Many Mothers tribe, is a deadly shot, as the rifle in her hands proves. She’s an ass-kicking beauty, facial scars notwithstanding.

Each figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a themed window-display box. These apocalyptic characters will be speeding into stock come January, so be sure to pre-order now before all of the guzzoline dries up!



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