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Let Luke Skywalker and Yoda Guide You to Your Destiny with This Adventure Figure 2-Pack

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Luke Skywalker and Yoda Adventure Doll 2-PackStar Wars fans often call that snappy khaki outfit Luke Skywalker wears in The Empire Strikes Back his “Bespin fatigues.” The card back to Kenner’s 1980 Luke action figure gave the ensemble that name, and it stuck.

But the would-be Jedi Knight wore that wardrobe first on Dagobah – as Hasbro’s new Forces of Destiny Luke and Yoda two-pack remembers!

With its second wave, Hasbro’s Star Wars: Forces of Destiny line expands beyond the women of the Star Wars saga (as will the new batch of animated Forces of Destiny shorts in 2018).

Luke makes a perfect addition to the series. The choices he made and actions he took to find and forge his destiny drove much of the Original Trilogy.

Jedi Master and Apprentice in Fine Forces of Destiny Style

The 11-inch tall adventure figure combines a doll’s soft goods outfit and accessories – in this case, Luke’s belt, blaster, and blue-bladed lightsaber – with an action figure’s attention to screen-accurate detail (right down to the dimple in Mark Hamill’s chin) and several points of articulation.

When you’re not placing Luke in heroic poses, squeeze his legs. You’ll see him strike a blow with a Force-filled swing of his lightsaber!

But as dashing a figure as Luke cuts in the Forces of Destiny style, the Jedi Master he sought is not to be outdone. With his soft beige robe, chocolate-brown tunic, and a bright green face full of wisdom and gentleness, this Yoda is a teacher no Jedi-in-training could turn down.

If made into an Adventure Figure ever you are, look as good you will not!

Face Your Destiny with Luke and Yoda

The Forces of Destiny brand celebrates the small moments that reveal big truths about who we are and who we choose to become. So who better to inspire you as you face your own destiny-shaping moments, day by day, then the Galaxy Far, Far Away’s most famous Jedi Master and his most celebrated student?

Ready to complete your training? Then order your Star Wars Forces of Destiny Luke Skywalker and Yoda Adventure Doll 2-Pack today – because difficult to see and always in motion is the future…!

What’s your favorite Luke and Yoda moment – from the movies, the novels, the comics? Let us know in the comments below!



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