Drums in the Deep and Orcs Aplenty

The dwarves of Moria dug too deeply and paid the ultimate price for their greed. Soon, the once noble halls were infested with the rodent-like Orcs and the monstrous Balrog…

Poor Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring had no idea what they were walking into when they sought to escape the mountain through the tunnels of Moria. WETA Collectibles pays homage to that chilling, iconic sequence with the Lord of the Rings Moria Orc Statuette.

Designed with the same degree of skill, care, and craftsmanship that was devoted to the films, this statuette features a shrieking, bat-like Orc clinging to a broken pillar in the underground city.

The Orc statue stands approximately 7-inches tall x 4 1/3-inches long x 4 3/4-inches deep and will be skittering into stock next month. Order now, and have your own piece of the dwarves’ greatest city (and greatest foe) in days!



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