Disney May Find Their “Bert” for the Mary Poppins Sequel in Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda

On Friday, we found out who might be playing Mary Poppins in the new sequel, and now we might have our Bert as well.

Or at least a version of Bert.

According to Variety, Lin-Manuel Miranda is in talks to co-star with Emily Blunt as Jack, “a lamplighter resembling the character of Bert,” who was originally portrayed by Dick Van Dyke.

I may have put in my two cents for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum in this role, but the mere idea of Miranda is blowing me away.

Miranda is the Tony Award-winner behind In the Heights and currently starring in the Broadway musical smash that he created, Hamilton.

Plus, he’s no stranger to Disney as he’s currently working on the music for their next princess film: Moana.

Set in Depression-era London, this sequel is being directed by Rob Marshall and Miranda is also expected to help pen the songs for the film.

What do you think of Miranda co-starring in the film? Are you starting to get more excited?

Source: Variety



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