Review: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about the LEGO Ninjago Movie

The LEGO Ninjago Movie The Essential Guide Hardcover BookDK Books’ line of Essential Guides to movies and other popular culture media continues to impress readers and fans with their in-depth informative products. With vivid, colorful pictures that go way beyond just screen grabs and snappy informative writing, this line of books is always a great way to learn and see more about the universe that you’re into. The LEGO Ninjago Movie The Essential Guide takes us deep into the world of Ninjago, with fascinating looks at the characters, vehicles, and locations that made the movie so much fun to watch.

In the old days of movie/book tie-ins, it was normal to just see page after page of still images, the resolution hardly living up to the potential of a glossy hardcover. But this guide goes way beyond that, bringing new and unique points of view to all of the characters and sets from the film. You learn more about the secret ninja warriors, from both a story perspective and from the view of character design. The LEGO Movie Universe bridges the line between building blocks and animation, and at times in this guidebook, it’s hard to say if you’re looking at an actual collection of LEGO bricks set up for a photoshoot, or the work of skillful animators. Either way, the visuals are stunning, capable of capturing readers of any age for a long time before you feel compelled to flip the page.

Diagrams abound in this book, showing how some of the complex LEGO machinery works. Especially memorable is the diagram of the Mech Dragon built by Lloyd in the movie. The different building elements of the Mech Dragon are explained, and you’re offered many angles to view the complex LEGO creation. Character profiles are equally as engaging, giving us new ways to view the backgrounds and motivations of the characters. This guidebook really does hunt down every path of The Ninjago Movie, offering fans an element that they really must have in their collection.



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