Will You Invite These Stormtrooper Nutcrackers to your Star Wars Holiday Party?

Stormtrooper Nutcrackers

Embrace your inner dark side and get into the holiday spirit with Star Wars Stormtrooper nutcrackers from Kurt S. Adler!

Who says those loyal to the Empire can’t enjoy a little winter holiday magic? On personal loan from Lord Vader himself, these Stormtroopers are here to make sure your holiday decorating is up to snuff.

In classic Stormtrooper gear, the first nutcracker is detailed and measures 10-inches tall on a special red themed base. The loyal figure has replaced his blaster with a ribbon-topped Imperial symbol ornament. It’s probably for the best, really. Let’s just hope their aim with hanging ornaments is better than with shooting.

However, for the collectors out there, the classic 16-inch Steinbach nutcracker is the one you want. Highly stylized and carrying a candy cane, this Stormtrooper will be a hit with Star Wars and nutcracker collectors alike.

Steinbach nutcrackers are traditionally designed wood nutcrackers and beloved by collectors. This figure is hard to find, but Entertainment Earth has it just for you, complete with free shipping!

Both of these spirited pieces are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and slated to arrive next month.

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» Pre-Order Stormtrooper 10-Inch Nutcracker

Stormtrooper Nutcracker

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Stormtrooper Steinbach Nutcracker



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