Proclaim Your Warrior’s Heart with 2 Outstanding Klingon Prop Replica Weapons

Star Trek Klingon Prop Replicas

Any student of the Star Trek universe’s most famous warrior species knows Klingons have no word for “hello.” Instead, they use a blunt greeting that gets down to business: nuqneH – “What do you want?”

These masterful 1:1 scale Klingon weapon replicas – the bat’leth and the smaller but no less fierce mek’leth – are the perfect way for any connoisseur of all things Klingon to answer that question!

No, the armorers of Qo’noS, the Klingon homeworld, didn’t forge them on fiery anvils. But artisans at Roddenberry Entertainment have handcrafted these blades from high-grade aircraft aluminum to the same exacting specifications used during production of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

So you won’t find more authentic Klingon weapons this side of the 24th century!

Make Your Bat’leth Part of You

“Do not think of it as a weapon,” Lieutenant Worf advised his son Alexander when introducing him to the traditional Klingon Sword of Honor (in “Reunion”). “Make it part of your hand, part of your arm. Make it part of you.”

The bat’leth‘s elegant, balanced curves almost mask its swiftness and potential savagery. With it, skilled warriors can decapitate enemies in a single stroke. Klingon lore claims Kahless the Unforgettable himself forged the first bat’leth, bequeathing his people a weapon that embodies precisely controlled power.

Your bat’leth prop replica will be the imposing centerpiece of your Klingon-themed collection. Weighing four pounds and measuring 43-inches long, 16-inches wide and 1/4- inch thick, with a genuine leather grip, it’s a prestigious possession to cherish and display with pride.

The Mek’leth – A Blade for Battle in Close Quarters

As impressive as the bat’leth is, its use can, as Worf once cautioned Jadzia Dax, lead to overconfidence (“Sons of Mogh”).

Enter the mek’leth. It’s a double-pronged dagger best suited for slashing throats – four thousand of which, one Klingon proverb claims, can be cut in one night by a running man.

The mek’leth can be easily concealed and quickly unsheathed in hand-to-hand combat. Worf used one against the Borg on the Enterprise hull in Star Trek: First Contact, as did would-be Klingon messiah T’Kuvma against Captain Georgiou in Star Trek: Discovery (“Battle at the Binary Stars”). More graceful than the switchblade-like d’k tahg, the mek’leth can fell foes just as effectively.

Your mek’leth prop replica is 18-inches long, and also has a genuine leather grip. Display it on its own or alongside your bat’leth (sold separately) to show the world your heart of glory!

Add These Noble Klingon Weapon Replicas To Your Armory Now

Klingons say, “Only a fool fights in a burning house.” And only a qoH would bring these beautiful display pieces into actual battle. They look great but are non-lethal. They have false, unsharpened edges and dull points. But they’re still meant only for those older than the Age of Ascension! These are not children’s toys, but high-end collectibles.

Handle them with care and display them in their 500-piece limited edition, cold-cast resin display stands – each proudly bearing the Klingon Empire’s insignia in gold-plated aluminum against the blood-red background – and this bat’leth and mek’leth will bring honor to you and your collection for years to come.

Don’t bring dishonor upon your collection! Order your Star Trek Klingon 1:1 Scale Prop Replicas today to bring your collection success.

Which of the many Klingon weapons seen in Star Trek is your favorite, and why? Make your voice heard as true warriors do in the comment section below!



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