The Justice League and the Batcave in Nano Metalfigs Form? You Bet!

Every hero worth his salt has a secret lair or home base to fight crime from. And few are as cool or as iconic as The Dark Knight’s Batcave. Packed full of the most high-tech gadgets, a supercomputer, and plenty of weapons, suits, and vehicles, the Batcave has always been the pinnacle of superpowered hideaways.

Batman Nano Metalfigs Batcave Nano Scene Environment

The Batcave Nano Scene Environment captures all of the authentic details of Bruce Wayne’s secret base, from his computers and screens to the elevator tubes and a lighted Bat-signal emblazoned platform, in an environment composed of 20 parts and 1 sticker sheet. The Gothic playset measures about 10 3/4-inches tall x 10-inches wide and comes with 2 exclusive, extremely-detailed Batman, and Robin metalfigs, which stand about 1 2/3-inches tall and are made of 100% die-cast metal.

DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Mini-Figures 5-Pack Set

But sometimes the Caped Crusader needs help, and enemies to fight, which is where the DC Comics Nano Metalfigs Die-Cast Mini-Figures 5-Pack Set comes in. Packed with Justice League members and Rogues Gallery baddies, this case will let you play out any number of epic superpowered battles in the Batcave environment.

The 5-Pack Case contains 2 individually packaged 5-packs of die-cast metal mini-figures:

  • 1x Pack A: Wonder Woman, Parademon, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash
  • 1x Pack B: Superman, Aquaman, Supergirl, Batman, Lex Luthor

Each metalfig stands 1 2/3-inches tall, is made of 100% die-cast metal and comes individually packaged in blister packs. Order now and we’ll deliver the moment these DC heroes and villains are available!



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