Jumanji Will Not Be a Reboot

Do you follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram? I hate to tell you this, but you probably should. He updates often, but doesn’t slaughter your feed. Not only do you get a look at what it takes to be The Rock – from his strict weight training routines to his jet-setting to his 3 am cardio sessions – but you also get a look at the numerous projects that he is taking on at any given time. The kind of time and effort that goes into being The Rock might make you think twice about who you want to be when you grow up.

Stepping off a private jet the other night, Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of his tired self after wrapping filming on The Fast and The Furious 8. He took a moment to pivot from that film franchise to one of his newest ones, Jumanji. Johnson mentions the co stars who will be working with him – Kevin Hart and Jack Black – and how he relishes the chance to bring Jumanji to a new generation of filmgoers. However, he also promises that this is not a reboot, but a sequel, “continuation of the awesome JUMANJI story.”

This is somewhat shocking news in 2016, when just about everything is characterized as a reboot. While the original 1995 Jumanji may not be remembered by everyone, the Robin Williams adventure-comedy based on the classic children’s picture book still holds up pretty well today, despite the primitive CGI monkeys. While the movie never did get an official sequel, it did have another movie added to its universe with 2005’s Zathura. In many ways, Zathura did more right than Jumanji, but it wasn’t nearly the hit, lacking the name recognition of the title and the star recognition of Williams.

The details of this new sequel remain to be seen. But gathering what we know about the stars of the film, it will pack a lot of charisma into whatever storyline they are following.



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