Louder on the Inside with TARDIS Earbuds

TARDIS Earbuds

These Doctor Who TARDIS Earbuds may not transport you through space and time but they can transport your auditory senses to out of this world!

Featuring a TARDIS theme, these earbuds enable you to listen to your favorite tunes in Whovian style. Sport these blue police box earbuds whenever you feel the need for some tunes.

The miniaturized TARDIS provides the avenue for aural travel through time and space. Just plug them in and hit play on your preferred music to activate this journey. No Sonic Screwdriver needed (but we won’t blame you for having yours handy)!

Also available as Whovian earbuds are Dalek Earbuds, Adipose Earbuds, and Weeping Angel Earbuds. Just don’t blink when you’re wearing the Weeping Angels!

The Doctor Who TARDIS Earbuds are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and are scheduled to arrive in October 2014.

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TARDIS Earbuds

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