He Who Laughs Last, Pre-Orders This Maquette First

No DC Comics villain is more recognizable than the Joker. Surprisingly, plans were for him to be killed in his initial appearance in 1940. But, thank goodness, that decision was changed, and the clown prince of crime went on to become one of the most iconic figures in the DC universe.

Sometimes portrayed as goofy, but clearly psychotic prankster, over the years his deeds and pranks have grown decidedly darker. The new DC Super Heroes Collection Joker Maquette statue from Tweeterhead shows the clown prince as the dastardly, sadistic character we’ve grown to love. Notice the maniacal smile, the mallet he holds in one hand, and the figure of Robin tied to the tank of laughing gas. This is one nasty dude.

The Joker figure also includes a detailed base, cards held up high and proud in his right hand, and two additional laughing gas tanks lying on the ground. Standing at 15 1/2-inches tall, built using polystone, adorned in the familiar purple outfit and wearing that sharp painted-on grin and white face, this Joker is ready to give his arch nemesis, Batman, a run for his money. Pre-order now and you’ll get free shipping for this latest addition to any DC villains collection.



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