Joe Manganiello to Play DC’s Deathstroke

After Bat-fleck teased us with footage of a certain masked assassin, the Internet was atwitter with speculation as to who would be behind the mask. Kiwi Manu Bennett has been Deathstroke on the CW’s Arrow, but that was no guarantee that he’d be jumping to the big screen in the part, given past role switcharoos – just look at how Ezra Miller is the cinematic Barry Allen/The Flash, a role that’s been played by Grant Gustin on TV for the last two years.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now: Former True Blood werewolf Joe Manganiello is the DCEU’s Deathstroke.

It’s undeniable that the man looks impressive, and he’ll surely handle the action scenes with aplomb. Anyone who can do two Magic Mike movies with a straight face can definitely play a stone-cold killer.

What remains unclear is exactly when Manganiello’s Deathstroke will make an appearance, in the fast-approaching Justice League team-up, in the still-trapped-in-pre-production Batman solo flick, or in another film entirely? He’ll have a cameo in something soon, at the very least, which may lead into a meatier, “primary villain” role in the future.

So what are your thoughts about this casting news? Pumped to see the buff hunk don the distinctive mask? Sound off in the comments below!



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