This Rock Candy’s Not Bad, She’s Just Sculpted That Way

Jessica Rabbit certainly put the femme fatale in the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? With a body that should be marked “Dangerous Curves,” it’s no wonder P.I. Eddie Valiant suspected she was involved in her husband’s frame-up.

But as Eddie learned, looks can be misleading, and this sultry chanteuse was just a devoted wife in a bad situation.

Funko has perfectly recreated the nightclub sensation from Toontown with their Jessica Rabbit Rock Candy Vinyl Figure. Standing a statuesque 5-inches tall, Jessica is wearing her iconic figure-hugging red gown with the thigh-high slit and her elegant purple gloves. That Veronica Lake-inspired swoop of hair leaves just one heavy-lidded eye to smolder knowingly.

This dangerous dame will be hitting shelves December, so be sure to book her now before another venue snaps her up.



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